MRO parts and Enterprise Asset Mangement

The right time to identify the parts and materials needed to support an asset is during its design and build project. Particularly if you have maintenance strategies and a solid material identification taxonomy to apply. Sadly, for most assets, that ship sailed years ago, and we live with an MRO catalogue of very dubious value that is a constant drag on Maintenance, Operations and Supply Chain. The catalogue continues to expand with more items being added to support the same assets and getting worse over time.

All is not lost. Get expert guidance to sort through the clutter of past transactions to find what you use, rationalize the indeterminate items and provide the cohesive material identification taxonomy needed. Thinking of implementing a master data system or SAAS service; a master data cleansing project, a project to integrate O&M master data in major projects? Don’t just implement a system, fix the problem and do it with control. Get help from SPC Results.