Fixing your MRO material catalogue is smart business

Operational efficiency improvement is the best approach when considering how to move forward from pandemic challenges. Reducing waste in your business processes is getting more from less. It helps now and it helps future application, technology and process upgrades by just making things work better easier.

Poorly identified material masters in your MRO catalogue is an ongoing problem that slows procurement, inventory and maintenance processes while introducing errors and rework at every stage. This can be corrected by applying a structured MRO material identification taxonomy. A taxonomy that is tight and fit for purpose, and that you control. A tight taxonomy needs less than 1000 nouns to describe the MRO universe, not the 156K of UNSPSC. A useful taxonomy needs to be fully structured unlike UNSPSC. SPC Results offers this.

Finally, the cost can be an order of magnitude less than a big-name full master data system implementation. It is applying the taxonomy that fixes the data, not the system it runs through. Understanding the problem leads to a huge payback. Fix today’s and tomorrow’s problems now.