The MRO Material Identity Problem in Oil & Gas

The oil industry has changed from a growth orientation to an effectiveness and efficiency focus. The just get it done no matter the cost mentality is now harmful. Doing things, the right way in a repeatable standardized fashion works.  It is no longer OK to live with your materials related business processes run in a fog, difficult to find the right items to request, chronic over and understocks in the warehouse, weak analytical investigations due to fuzzy material masters, and chronic user frustration.  The under-laying problem to all the issues is poor human understandable MRO material master identities.

SPC Results found the root cause and has the solution. The right approach depends on your situation and priorities. The MRO material identity problem can be resolved stand alone very cost effectively, or as piece of a larger initiative in master data governance or master data system implementation. Note that governance and system projects likely have improved MRO materials benefits as part of their business justification. If the project does not address the root cause of the weakness, those benefits will not be achieved.

Are your MRO material identities working for or against you?

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