MRO Materials: A rose by any other name is confusing

Being digital includes quality digital MRO material Identities. MRO business processes run in your ERP as the digital reality of MRO planning, execution, tracking processes and supply the data feed for work analytics. Yes, most have been doing these processes in big software for years. Isn’t digital transformation about new tech?  Not if there are significant weaknesses that are fixable for a big improvement in business results.  Ambiguous, indeterminate MRO material masters are a common weakness. Humans struggle to choose the right materials needed for their work.

Digital thinking in creating MRO material identities works. Digital identities are created from a defined list of things used in ops and maintenance of your assets. The right noun points to a template, that has the identifying attributes and possible values to form a standardized description. The template also has the key specification attributes, so the record is clearly defined. Add clear rules for storing MPNs and you have a structured system to for unique identities to all MRO materials. MRO processes run better with real benefits.

Fixing MRO identities is digital transformation

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