Has your Company applied an Identity Standard to its MRO material masters?

Your Maintenance Planners, Requisitioners, Buyers, Logisticians and Maintainers all interact with material masters to get their jobs done. If the identities of materials are not clear, your business slows, mistakes are made, business value is lost.

MRO material master identities are the descriptions, manufacturer and vendor part numbers, and key specifications of your MRO materials. Having a unique human understandable identity for each MRO material is necessary for a well-run operation. Applying a cohesive identity taxonomy ensures uniqueness and prevents duplicates.

If this was not important to your company in the past, it needs to be now.

Most operations survived in the ERP era with confusing indeterminate MRO material identities. Apparently, there were higher priorities. Today the priority is scale and efficiency. Solving a fixable problem causing harm is good business. A quick estimate is $1 million value annually for every 50 people in MRO related jobs. How much is that in your business?

Are MRO material identities hurting your business? Think of the solution as being data driven.

SPC Results can guide the solution.