Unique Structured MRO Material Identities Needed for MRO Digital Transformation

If you want to move beyond buzzy business trends to the nuts and bolts of actual business improvement, then human understandable material master identities (descriptions, MPNs, specs) are necessary for real progress.

For asset intensive industries including energy, pipelines, utilities and mining, digital transformation of the maintenance and supply chain business processes usually features improved integration of digital technical data packages for systems, equipment, and spare parts into core business processes.

The value of tight linking of technical objects from systems down through spares is obvious. Much of the current inefficiencies in maintenance and supply chain business processes comes down to equipment being disconnected from MRO materials.

Improved digitalization is tantalizing for new capital projects. However how do you make the digital connections in your existing asset base?

The answer is applying a structured identity taxonomy to your MRO catalogue that includes where each item is used.

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