Does your asset intensive company grow by acquisition?

Standardize your MRO Material Identities to improve effectiveness.

Inherent to a growth by acquisition strategy is betting that you run operations and maintenance more effectively than the acquired assets were run. Superior O&M performance shows up in financial results. Often acting as a counterweight to your superior processes and execution is the compounding effect of weak MRO material identities. If you do not have a solid MRO material identification taxonomy, then when you merge an acquiree’s items you are at best only partially deduplicating the combined catalogue. Worse you are likely adding in all the quirks and problems that were the problems supporting underperformance in the legacy company.

Applying a structured identity taxonomy allows comparisons that provide for unique items. Life gets easier for the Maintenance, SCM, Technical and Reliability teams.

SPC Results high level game plan to achieve unique MRO material identities:

·      Flag the obsolete, unused, and hopelessly indeterminate items

·      Apply a structured identity taxonomy to the remaining items

·      Compare and consolidate to arrive at unique items

·      Link the MRO items to which equipment it is used for

·      Incorporate the MRO Material Identity taxonomy into both the merger and routine material master administration processes

·      Improve the lifecycle connections of MRO materials to the equipment and systems they support

SPC Results can guide you through this significant value creating process. There is no magic, no AI / ML algorithm, just experience, sound reasoning and listening and working with all levels of your business to deliver.

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