Are the MRO supply chains inside your enterprise out of tune, making bad music?

Talking MRO business processes, they are the SCM, Maintenance and Reliability processes that keep your productive assets producing. Business processes run on your ERP /CMMS and use material master records to represent the things to be consumed in running and fixing your plant. If the processes are “in tune”, it’s like they make music with harmony and flow. When not in tune, noise and friction happen. Processes slow, mistakes are made real business waste and loss happen. Indeterminate and poor material master identities are a central cause of detuned MRO […]

The MRO Material Identity Problem in Oil & Gas

The oil industry has changed from a growth orientation to an effectiveness and efficiency focus. The just get it done no matter the cost mentality is now harmful. Doing things, the right way in a repeatable standardized fashion works.  It is no longer OK to live with your materials related business processes run in a fog, difficult to find the right items to request, chronic over and understocks in the warehouse, weak analytical investigations due to fuzzy material masters, and chronic user frustration.  The under-laying problem to all the issues […]

Fixing your MRO material catalogue is smart business

Operational efficiency improvement is the best approach when considering how to move forward from pandemic challenges. Reducing waste in your business processes is getting more from less. It helps now and it helps future application, technology and process upgrades by just making things work better easier. Poorly identified material masters in your MRO catalogue is an ongoing problem that slows procurement, inventory and maintenance processes while introducing errors and rework at every stage. This can be corrected by applying a structured MRO material identification taxonomy. A taxonomy that is tight […]

If indeterminate MRO material master identities are a real business problem, why aren’t they a bigger deal?

Or how to get visibility so the problem gets solved? Poorly identified MRO materials IS a real problem in asset intensive industries. It’s a weak spot that has existed since the dawn of enterprise systems, sitting in no mans land. Software developers and implementation consultants say “that’s a business problem”. In the early days it was often owned by IT, now likely it’s SCM. The people most impacted are often in maintenance. The friction and mistakes caused are felt broadly resulting in higher costs, increased safety risk and when things […]