Achieving quality MRO material masters requires different knowledge than customer records

There is relevance in applying master data governance best practices to MRO material masters. The concepts are necessary, but not sufficient. Having quality MRO material masters requires incorporating the purpose or objective of the data object into a system that supports each record achieving its quality requirements. The purpose of each MRO material master is to represent a specific physical material in digital business system transactions to plan and track the material while leaving a digital usage trail for follow on analysis. A quality record uniquely identifies to humans using […]

MRO parts and Enterprise Asset Mangement

The right time to identify the parts and materials needed to support an asset is during its design and build project. Particularly if you have maintenance strategies and a solid material identification taxonomy to apply. Sadly, for most assets, that ship sailed years ago, and we live with an MRO catalogue of very dubious value that is a constant drag on Maintenance, Operations and Supply Chain. The catalogue continues to expand with more items being added to support the same assets and getting worse over time. All is not lost. […]