Structured Material Identity (SMI) Templates

Structured Material Identity (SMI) Templates (© SPC Results 2017) allow standardized, unique and searchable material/item master descriptions reducing op costs and user frustration and improving safety in asset intensive energy businesses. It fixes the root cause of bad material masters. 

Most asset intensive companies need to improve the quality of their material master descriptions. Their material admin process lacks specific identity standards for the materials used in operations.  This results in arbitrary, unclear and ambiguous material master descriptions.  Description information is often the only way to identify items (non MPN items). Lack of standardization results in confusion, business process productivity loss and increased safety incident risk when the material masters are used in service.  SPC Results offers standard description templates, allowing useful material descriptions with measurable quality to boost productivity in all materials relevant business processes.

  • The Product is:  Templates for 500 nouns that essentially cover the universe of materials used in mechanical, pipe, electrical, control, operations, drilling and completions for Oil & Gas, Mining, Pipeline, Midstream, Refinery and Utility industries.  The set of templates are designed for overall coherence, meaning they make up a rational whole without the internal conflicts that reduce the effectiveness of descriptions in service.
  • It’s Effective:  Unlike some item description data dictionaries that are collection sites for user members to submit their nouns, modifiers and characteristics and therefore do nothing to resolve the tough question of which of many near synonyms should be used to identify a material or which of the many attributes should be part of the standard description, the Structured Material Identitiy (SMI) templates are designed to point to the recommended noun and associated attributes for a standardized description. This makes it easy to use the templates and provide useful clear material descriptions.
  • Value Proposition, Business Case:  My research suggests there is $1 million-dollar annual benefit in most energy firms for every 50 users involved with materials in business processes (includes Requisitioners, Buyers, Contract Analysts, Warehouse Users, Maintenance Planners, Schedulers, Supervisors, Project Planners and Supervisors) from standardized quality material descriptions. The benefits come from time savings in business processes, including procurement, inventory, maintenance planning and execution as well as support for reliability centred maintenance enhancement, reduced reverse logistics process for dealing with incorrect materials at the job site or warehouse, reduced user frustration and reduced safety risk from improper materials.
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