Ambiguous MRO Material Descriptions Reduce Effectiveness in O&G

A Typical Story An energy industry firm grew, reached a point where standardized business processes were valuable. ERP was implemented.  Master data was moved upwards from simpler local systems to the central system. Master data now represents knowledge in a way that was the duty of staff previously. The migration was executed without addressing structured consistent material identities. The Problem Unclear, ambiguous, standard free material descriptions are the root problem slowing and causing mistakes in materials related business processes. Procurement, inventory, maintenance planning and execution are affected. These are the […]

Achieving quality MRO material masters requires different knowledge than customer records

There is relevance in applying master data governance best practices to MRO material masters. The concepts are necessary, but not sufficient. Having quality MRO material masters requires incorporating the purpose or objective of the data object into a system that supports each record achieving its quality requirements. The purpose of each MRO material master is to represent a specific physical material in digital business system transactions to plan and track the material while leaving a digital usage trail for follow on analysis. A quality record uniquely identifies to humans using […]