What we do and stand for:

What SPC Results does:

SPC Results consults on integrated Supply Chain and Maintenance business processes to asset intensive businesses operating SAP business software. What differentiates us from our large and boutique consulting colleagues is our focus on the significance and value of quality master data in business process outcomes. We work in well defined fixed priced work packages reducing client cost risk.

The traditional demarcation of consulting and business client roles leaves the quality of master data solely as a client responsibility. Most clients lack the depth of skills and understanding to succeed in setting up successful standardized taxonomy structures. SPC Results offers insight and action to improve the quality of your master data and avoid the value being lost in your business processes.

SPC Results stands for:

  • Integrity in all our actions
  • Dedication to client success
  • Deep understanding of the problems we work on is the basis of the results you receive
  • Input and discussion from your effected stakeholders drive our recommendations to particularize our solutions to your situation
  • The value and price of our services is best measured by outcomes, not work inputs. This provides clarity and reduces project risk for our clients.
  • We follow documented procedures in doing our work to ensure quality outcomes

Summing up, a thought from Buckminster Fuller that is our north star: “Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”